Hello! It's Marla, just want to tell you about a free service Eye Live has available to anyone who would like it.  But before I can tell you about it I feel it's important I first tell you a bit about me as I'll most likely be the one providing this service to you...


If you have read my Eye Live Blog contributions you probably know already I'm by no means a writer.   I'm in awe of those of you who are writers and your ability to create art with words.  Sadly, I suffer some sort of brain to mouth/hands disconnect, that combined with my bad grammar and short memory since becoming a Mom stops the words from reaching others as eloquently as they sound in my thoughts (oh the ideas the world is missing out on -- ha ha!)


I consider myself uncomplicated, but I'm guessing Brent would tell you differently.  I'm the most flawed person I know and I make lots of mistakes daily, but most of the time I'm honest about my failings cause I think by doing so there is so much more to be gained.  I struggle with a horrible temper and impatience.  One or the other has left me embarrassed by my poor choices more times than I care to remember.  There was probably nothing that frustrated me more the last few years while I was exhausted, flying by the seat of my pants, reciting the words of Finding Nemo's character Dory, "just keep swimming" over and over in my head while raising our 2 beautiful daughters than encountering one of those Moms who lets you know she has it all together.  Perhaps those people do have it all together and if so I guess that's great for them.  But that was not my Mom experience raising little kids.  So please know I'd be the last one to judge anyone who like me feels like a failure by our culture's standard.


Before kids I completed my nursing degree and worked as an RN for many years.  I loved visiting with people and helping them, but that was the only aspect of nursing that was truly a fit for me.  Thankfully I'm glad for this training and don't see any of it as a waste of time.  In the early years of our marriage it's what paid our bills and the little bit I've managed to retain (which sadly is minimal) has served me well as a mom.  I find it interesting but in no way accidental that my favorite part of nursing was always prevention and health promotion, which now gets to be a big part of our focus at Eye Live.


I know the hurts are great in this city for so many, and I believe for most they are growing greater everyday.   I've experienced a fair amount of pain in my own life and even though it is probably different to the pain you've experienced and possibly for many isn't anywhere as big as yours, it has humbled me and given me an absolute ache in my heart for anyone who is hurting and feels alone.  I've been blessed with a strong faith in the God of the Bible which has only grown through challenges I have faced in my life.  I love Jesus.  I do believe that the Bible is God's word and therefore truth.  Sadly, in our current culture I know voicing this will make me automatically disliked by some, but I hope you'll keep reading anyway.  My faith is without a doubt the biggest influencer of my wellness.  It's because of this that I truly believe that the greatest way I can help anyone in this city is through prayer.  That's why through Eye Live I want to offer to pray specifically for any who are interested.  You don't need to give me your name - although if you want to that's great.  I'd be honored to lift you up in prayer in Jesus' name to the God I know, love and serve any time you ask me to do so on your behalf.  I've seen and know the healing power of prayer in my own life and for any who will allow me to do so it'll be my absolute honor to pray for you.


Because of the newness of our office I'm not 100% sure yet how this is going to work, but here is what I visualize now...


1.  You can submit prayer requests to me via the email address

     eyelivepraying@gmail.com anytime.


2.  You can place prayer requests in the prayer jar I'm hoping to have in our



3.  When I'm in the office you can ask me to pray for you or with you right then

     and there if that is something you are comfortable with.


4.  Please know if you need someone to talk to I'm happy to meet with you at

     the office.  I'm unfortunately not sure yet what my hours at Eye Live are

     going to look like, but if I'm not in the office and you'd like a non-judgmental

     compassionate, listening ear you can contact me at the above email to set

     up a time to meet during office hours.






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