Eye Exams

Not all eye exams are created equal.  It's important when you book an eye exam you know what you are going to receive as part of that exam --a true exam should involve eye health just as much & more, as your ability to read letters at a certain distance.


Our commitment to you is to provide you with a comprehensive eye exam that we would expect for ourselves and our loved ones.   Dr. Brent Neufeld has invested much time and money in continuing education in his 20-year career and commits to continue to do so each year as long as he practices optometry.  We know we will never stop learning and it's our responsibility to share the knowledge we continue to gain with you as you are the one living with your eyes 24hrs/day 7 days/week.   We also commit to continue to follow the advances in technology and incorporate the ones that are truly of benefit to you and not just an impressive looking gimmick to make you spend more of your hard-earned money for little to no real benefit to you.


Please do allow yourself sufficient time when booking an eye exam and be cautious of places that do not.  We appreciate your time and promise we will do our utmost to respect it while you are in our office.  However, to provide you with the best eye care our emphasis at Eye Live must be on quality over speed.  Most people have their eyes checked once per year (for many it isn't even this often), how can any concerns you may have with your eyes over a year or more period be fully addressed with necessary education being provided in an appointment that is 15 minutes from start to finish with only a few minutes of that being spent with the doctor?   How can you walk away confidently from such an appointment, clearly knowing what you should be doing to look after your eyes till your next appointment in a year?


Our comprehensive exam fee is covered by Alberta Health for patients between 0-19 and those over 65.   If you are between those ages please contact our office for our exam fee and to ask any questions you may have regarding our exams.  Visually related learning difficulty assessments and treatments are not covered by Alberta Health.  Contact our office for more details.






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