Sun Protection

We are excited to offer you a great selection of Sunglasses at Eye Live that meet with our approval for UV protection.  We believe in the importance of sun protection for the whole family.   The younger the better to protect your eyes from UV damage.  In fact did you know that the majority of the damage that occurs is while we are young.


We often encounter people who object to paying what they feel is a big price for sunglasses from an optometry office when they can buy glasses labeled as having 100% UV protection from gas stations and drugstores etc for much less.  Unfortunately as is often the case in life you get what you pay for.  The reason for the difference in cost is largely to do with the lenses.  Inexpensive sunglasses are inexpensive because they use a spray coat on the lenses to give them UV protection.  Whereas sunglasses you will find at Eye Live have UV protection actually built into the lens.  In time spray coats wear off and lose their effectiveness, unfortunately you have no way to know just how soon this is occurring.  Whereas UV protection built into the lenses continues to provide 100% UV protection for the life of the sunglasses.  Unfortunately as soon as you have lenses that aren't providing 100% UV protection you have a very big problem.  The dark tinting of sunglasses (which by the way has nothing to do with the actual UV protection) cause our pupils (the dark part of your eye) to be larger.  If you are wearing sunglasses that aren't providing 100% UV protection you are as a result actually allowing more UV to go through your pupil to the back of your eye and cause future damage.  Yes, sunglasses with 100% UV protection built into the lens are quite a bit more expensive, but from our perspective this is a cost well worth paying to keep your eyes healthy and safe.


If you have any other questions regarding sunglasses and protecting your eyes from UV damage be sure to ask us.  We love to help educate people on the importance of sun protection for your eyes and how to ensure what you are doing is truly helping.

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