Blue Light Protection

Have you heard that LED lighting and electronics emit high energy visible light, known as Blue Light?  What many people still don't realize is this light potentially poses serious concerns for your eye health.  Eye strain, headaches, fatigue and insomnia are common side effects from blue light.  However, even more troubling is the growing concern that the effects of increased exposure to blue light is increasing the risks of macular degeneration, a condition that can result in blindness.


What is most concerning to us is the fact that many children are now routinely spending time on electronic devices that emit blue light.  Children generally have shorter arms (causing electronics to be held closer to their eyes) and larger pupils meaning more blue light can get through and penetrate their eyes.  Unfortunately, only time will truly tell us how much damage is being done to their eyes, as this is the first generation with this type of exposure starting from a very young age.


Eye health is very important to us and we know it's important to you also.  As aging adults and parents of kids this is an area we generally believe there needs to be a much greater awareness about.  Education is the best way for this awareness to occur and that's why we schedule our eye exams at Eye Live with time for eye health education.  One of the parts we love about health promotion is you are our best ambassadors for helping bring about bigger change than we could bring about on our own.  The more we can educate you during your eye exam and you can take that knowledge away and share it with others, the more people take steps towards better health.  The great news is when it comes to blue light there are now options readily available to provide protection from further damage.   As part of every eye exam we will include education regarding the risks of blue light and will make recommendations of preventative measures to take.


If you won't be seeing Dr. Neufeld for an exam soon or would like more info, please, ask in our office for further details.  We will be happy to spend time with you, helping you explore the best options available to protect your vision and the vision of your loved ones.




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